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  1. I’m having the weirdest bug. I can’t throw items away (when I try to it says ‘Slot Number is Invalid’). When I try to sell items in the store, it simply won’t allow it.
  2. Anyhow, since then the bug has been fixed, yet my inventory still had items pertaining to those slots. Right now, I cannot take those items out of their slots. Many are bound, and when i try to ‘delete’ them, there is a message that says ‘the slot number is invalid’.
  3. Other than not being able to register my 0956 Globe number on some apps (BDO for one) I also found I cannot text certain globe numbers. Specifically 0917 globe numbers. I have two friends that have 0917 numbers and using plain old SMS just fails with them. I have to message them through other means.
  4. Slot Number Invalid Bdo Address
  5. Slot Number Invalid Bdo Card
  6. Slot Number Invalid Bdo Contact

Hi, BDO customer service. I’ve been enrolled,activated five (5) times on my Individual account, but unfortunely, always invalid, unsuccesful or locked.I also Reset and change my password, received OTP’s but alas, cannot log in to my individual account. I have two (2 accounts in BDO, Joint and Individual).

Slot Number Invalid Bdo Address

If a BDO account holder wants to send money to your BDO account through online banking, you can either give the sender your complete account number or you give him / her your paycode.

Using a paycode is convenient. There’s no need to memorize long account numbers.

Using a paycode hides your account number. *There are some account holders who wishes to keep their account numbers a secret.

BDO to BDO account fund transfer via paycode is process real time. The moment the sender clicks on the “submit” button, the fund transfer is process and you can instantly see the transferred money in your account.


BDO PAYCODE can either be an email address or a mobile number connected and linked to a BDO account.

Refer to the screenshot for visual guides.

Here is the step by step guide on how to create a paycode so you can receive cash from another BDO account holder through fund transfer WITHOUT you divulging your account number.

STEP 1: Login to your BDO Online Banking. Enter username and password and login.

STEP 2:On the right-side, click on “Send Money” (1) and then “To Contact” (2).

STEP 3: Click on “Link / Unlink Contacts” (3)

STEP 4:On the “Available Contacts for Linking” section, click the drop-down menu. (4) And choose what you want to LINK to your BDO account, if it will be your email address or mobile number.

In our sample, there are two email address and 1 mobile number registered for the account holder. Account holder has 3 enrolled BDO accounts. If you have one account number enrolled in BDO online, you will only see 1 email and 1 mobile number.

If you will choose your email, it will become the paycode for your specific account.

If you will choose mobile number, it will become the paycode for your specific account.

STEP 5:Click on “Link” (5) to start the linking process.

STEP 6:The page will refresh and will give you this notice that you have requested to link your account to a Paycode. You now need to ACTIVATE your request.


STEP 7:Where to find the activation code for your paycode?Go to your email, the one connected to your BDO online access and check the message of BDO about your Paycode activation, and then copy your activation code. See sample email with paycode activation code.

STEP 8 and 9: Once you have copied your activation code, login bank to your BDO online access and click this notification area (8), notice the red check, click that. After, click the link “You have 1 approval code waiting for your action.” as shown on screenshot (9).

STEP 10:On the section “Paycode Approval Codes”, click the edit gear to enter your code (10). See the screenshot for clearer image.

STEP 11 and 12:You will now get to the page “Input Approval Code”. Remember the activation code you got via email? You can enter it now on the form (11) and then click Submit (12).

STEP 13:This notice will pop-up. This is your last chance to check if your requested paycode and the connected bank account is correct. If all are in order, click “OK”.

STEP 14: You are now set. You have successfully linked your BDO account to a Paycode


Slot Number Invalid Bdo Card

Without the paycode, he/she can’t send you the money via the “SEND TO CONTACT” facility. But he/she can still send you via the “SEND MONEY TO ANY BDO ACCOUNT” facility.

Hope this guide helps you understand what is a pay code in BDO, it’s meaning and uses, plus how to create a paycode for your BDO account.

We have a tutorial on How to SEND MONEY TO ANY BDO ACCOUNT via online banking even without enrollment.

We will be sharing next about how to send money via pay code in BDO. Watch out for our how to use paycode guide if you are the sender.

For answers to all questions you may have, you can also visit any BDO branch nearest you and talk with a bank staff.

Slot Number Invalid Bdo Contact

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